How we work

BHI’s primary focus is to publish information for the community, healthcare professionals and policy makers on the performance of the NSW healthcare system.

We aim to deliver impartial, accurate and accessible information that will lead to increased understanding of the NSW healthcare system; inform decision making by patients, carers, healthcare professionals, managers and policy-makers; and ultimately support improved patient care and wellbeing.

We do this by following an established process to engage stakeholders in our work. This engagement begins at the time of methodological development of a project. We also commit to informing stakeholders of our work at the time that we publish information at the end of a project. More specifically, this includes:

  • Consulting with stakeholders to align BHI products with their evolving needs and priorities for information and with data custodians to ensure appropriate use and interpretation of our information
  • Establishing project-specific advisory committees to inform the creation of our reports
  • Working with a Scientific Advisory Committee, comprising leading experts from other jurisdictions who help us ensure that our activities are consistent with current best practice in performance reporting, and also provide guidance on BHI’s development, activities and processes
  • Seeking feedback via peer review of several local and international subject matter experts for each project, ensuring our work is subject to intellectual scrutiny
  • Conduct strictly embargoed briefings on the main findings of our work to enable key stakeholders to understand the project and to ask for clarification about any findings ahead of publication.

BHI maintains an online Reports Plan to ensure that all stakeholders are aware of our program of work and are alerted to upcoming reports. The Reports Plan is kept updated to ensure transparency in our work to the community.

Page updated: 4th Dec 2018