Kim Sutherland
12 April 2017

Focusing on unwarranted clinical variation to assess performance

Every patient is different and this means that healthcare varies – it must, if it is to respond to patient needs, expectations, social circumstances and capacity to manage their own care. However, there is increasing evidence that healthcare also varies for reasons that are not related to patients’ needs and expectations. While some variation is warranted, it can also be unwarranted.

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Dr Jean-Frederic Levesque
15 March 2017

Elective surgery waiting lists – what it does and doesn’t tell us about healthcare performance

Each quarter, when BHI publishes Hospital Quarterly, we hear a lot of commentary about waiting lists for elective surgery.

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Dr Jean-Frederic Levesque
01 March 2017

BHI’s first report on maternity services in NSW

Pregnancy and childbirth brings with it many expectations, worries, fears and hopes. For first-time mothers, childbirth can represent a series of firsts: the first time a woman experiences the biological and physiological changes of pregnancy; the first time she or her partner goes through the psychological and social adjustments related to becoming, gradually, parents.

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Page updated: 27th Feb 2017